📶 Jared Fuller (Partnerships @ BuiltFirst) on ecosystem advantages

Using ecosystems to your advantage, modern partnerships 101, and how to make sure that your portfolio CEOs are making the right hires

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This week we had on Jared Fuller (@fullerfreedom) with BuiltFirst.

BuiltFirst helps communities spin up vendor marketplaces to help community members make better software decisions. We're one of the 200+ communities they have onboarded (we use them for our perk board), and they have already created $30mm in software savings. Jared runs partnerships, and he is in charge of managing the different relationships between vendors, partners, and purchasers.

In this talk, we cover: 

  • Using ecosystems to your advantage

  • Modern partnerships 101

  • How to make sure that your portfolio CEOs are making the right hires

Check out the full episode below:

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