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We've been software guinea pigs for the past two years, and we've tested over 150 different tools to run our business.

These are the 22 best software products we used to run Confluence last year.

If you’re shopping software and want intros to any of these companies, let us know, and we’ll try to put you in touch with the right person.

P.S. This is a long one, and Gmail will clip the bottom half. If you want to read the full article, check it out online.


P.P.S. We're paying customers of all of these companies, and we're affiliate partners for a few of them. These companies have improved our business, and we think they can do the same for yours. Do your own research before buying any new software.


You’re only as good as your tools.

The best funds have already started to act like tech companies; if you’re still operating like a law firm, you’re falling behind.


beehiiv empowers you to create, monetize, and grow your newsletter with an all-in-one publishing suite.

beehiiv is still the most useful content tool we use for the second year in a row.

Their software gives you growth tools, analytics, and monetization opportunities that no other newsletter tool can compete with, and our ROI from using their software is through the roof.

They also created a world-class course for anybody thinking about starting a newsletter.

  • Best for: independent creators, anybody looking to build influence online through a mailing list

Create amazing videos from existing content.

InVideo lets you easily convert blog posts into videos.

If you’ve created lots of written content, why not repurpose it?

  • Best for: Marketing teams, businesses / creators looking to expand their YouTube presence

Create a beautiful website or blog.

We made the switch to Wordpress around a year ago (from Squarespace), and we haven’t regretted the decision once. If plan on getting the most out of your website, you should start building on Wordpress.

  • Best for: content businesses, independent creators

The #1 content intelligence tool that helps content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue.

Surfer has been the best SEO tool we’ve used, and we recommend it to anybody building a search presence.

They also offer an SEO masterclass for anybody looking to get up-to-speed quickly.

  • Best for: SaaS companies, any business that competes for Google Search traffic

Jitter is a fast and simple motion design tool that helps content teams tell better stories.

Motion design gives your marketing team superpowers.

If you want higher conversion rates, you’re leaving money on the table not telling stories through motion.

That’s where Jitter comes in.

  • Best for: Product marketing teams, newsletter writers looking to build better creatives


Build your brand on your terms by running your online shop through Fourthwall.

We’ve tested a few different ways to sell merch. None have had everything we were looking for.

Until we found Fourthwall.

They make it easy for anybody to spin up an online store,

  • Best for: content creators, any business that wants to test an apparel line

How communities can create talent networks for their members.

Pallet lets anybody monetize with attention to monetize through a job board or talent collective.

We have worked with their team for the past two years to run the talent side of our business, and we recommend them to anybody with an audience.

  • Best for: community leads, HR departments in charge of hiring

The best way to sell courses and digital products.

We use Podia to sell our Community Builder Playbook.

It is our favorite software to build and manage a course, and we’d recommend it to anybody looking to start something similar

  • Best for: content creators, businesses looking to build lead magnet courses

The easiest way to spin up, sell, and manage sponsorships.

We’ve started using Passionfroot to handle our newsletter sponsorships.

If you like making money but hate dealing with admin work, this is a tool for you.

  • Best for: content creators looking to monetize through advertisements

The easiest no-code platform to build customer portals and internal tools powered by Airtable or Google Sheets.

Softr lets anybody act like a developer. All you need it is a database, and they’ll let you easily build a front-end for it.

We used it to build Commonapp, and their community has built hundreds of other cool applications.

  • Best for: no-code developers

beehiiv empowers you to create, monetize, and grow your newsletter with an all-in-one publishing suite.

We’re cheating and mentioning beehiiv twice. (It’s because it’s that good.)

You can make money directly through the software through their ad network, premium subscriptions, and referring readers to other newsletters.

  • Best for: any content team looking to add additional revenue streams


Smart AI scheduling for busy teams.

Let’s be honest - scheduling meetings sucks.

Let somebody else handle that (like Reclaim) so you can spend more time on high-leverage tasks.

  • Best for: anybody that hates going back and forth on scheduling

One tool for your whole company.

We couldn’t build a business without Notion.

It’s a second brain, and it’s allowed for (some) of our crazy ideas to make sense.

  • Best for: teams and individuals that want to free up time by becoming more organized

Easily record and share AI-powered video messages with your teammates and customers to supercharge productivity

I hate meetings (I think they’re bad for the soul).

That’s why I love Loom.

Just record you’re screen and send over the video as a link. It makes working with contractors 10x easier, and I’ve probably saved myself 100 hours of meetings this year by using it

  • Best for: teams that prefer async communication over meetings

Manage your team all in one place.

We use Gusto to run payroll so it’s easier to work with contractors.

If you’re starting out as a business owner, you can probably get away with making payments out of your bank account, but tax season will become a nightmare to chase down what can be deductible.

That’s why we use Gusto.

  • Best for: companies and funds in need of cleaning up their payroll and back office suite

Build automated workflows customized for your role and business.

I don’t think there is a more useful software company out there. Zapier powers our entire business, and it helps us create automation through logic.

If you use software and you’re time-constrained (that’s probably all of you), you should use Zapier.

  • Best for: anybody that wants to create more leverage through automation

Sell memberships and digital products through Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Notion.

We use Memberspace to gate access to the private community page for Confluence.

Their platform let’s people create subscription products (without needing to code), and it has allowed us to monetize Confluence through a paid community. They also handle a bunch of admin work like chasing down failed payments, automated abandon cart emails, etc.).

  • Best for: community builders, content creators, or bloggers

The email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

If you do any sort of email marketing, you need an email service provider (we learned this the hard way, but that’s another story).

ActiveCampaign is the best we’ve found, and they help you set up all sorts of customer segments and automation so that you are sending the right information to the right person at the right time.

  • Best for: early-stage companies (Seed + Series A) who have nailed customer discovery and need to increase conversion rates for different ICPs

The AI-powered spend platform.

Before we started using Brex, we ran our billing like the Wild West.

Nothing was accounted for, and we had a TON of spending slip through the cracks.

That doesn’t happen anymore (shoutout Brex for saving us from ourselves).

  • Best for: any business looking to simplify their finances and give their CFO more leverage


AngelList provides investors and innovators with the tools to grow.

We’ve changed our tune on AngelList.

Take a look at everything they offer to new venture funds - it’s impressive.

You’ll pay for it, but there’s no denying that it will help institutionalize your fund.

  • Best for: emerging fund managers

Access the complete startup database to give your deal team superpowers.

We’ve written about it before, but we’ll say it again: Harmonic gives you sourcing superpowers.

Their software scrapes millions of company and people data points, and it helps you find signal through all of the noise.

  • Best for: analysts, associates, or any other VC that spends the majority of their day sourcing

Sydecar helps you start and run your fund or SPV — so you can focus on making deals, not spreadsheets.

Syndicates and SPVs play a huge part of the financing world, but managing SPVs is a nightmare. That’s where Sydecar comes in.

They handle all of the back office work so that you can focus on what you’re good at: winning deals.

  • Best for: syndicate leads looking to spin up SPVs without racking up huge expenses

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